Should I bring my own makeup or will it be provided?

No! You don't have to bring any makeup or supplies with you if you do not want! We provide everything, unless otherwise specified or preferred

How early in advance should I schedule a bridal trial?

Typically, we like to schedule a bridal trial no more than 2 months out from your wedding date. This is to make sure your hair and skin are closest to what they will be day of, and to ensure a fresh recollection of what we do and discuss!

Would you recommend booking an assistant?

It depends! Typically, as the lead artist, I like to cap myself at 7-8 services. If your party exceeds that # of services, OR if you have a tight timeline, we will discuss assistant options. 


Should my hair be clean or dirty before you style it?

I always tell people "day old hair" is best. If you have super oily hair, washing it the night before works fine too! Having a little oil helps updos and curls/styles hold better!

Do you offer airbrush makeup?

I have an airbrush unit, however I don't like to use it that often. In my opinion, airbrush makeup feels sticky on the skin, and doesn't always allow for optimal blending. I have refined my own "feels like skin, looks like airbrush" method that lasts longer and feels lighter. 

Typically, how long does it take you to complete HMU services?

It takes me about 30-45 minutes for hair and about 30-45 minutes for makeup, all depending on the style, length, and type of the hair/makeup look. I like to have 2 hours total for the bridal look.